Mike Rogers

CA (SA) FCA The founding member of what was originally Michael Rogers and Associates, Mr Michael Rogers Sr. is one of the three partners of the firm and, even as he tries valiantly to claim semi-retirement, is still the pivotal point in the firm’s success. To find out more about Mr Rogers Sr. click here.

Shireen Swart

B Comm Business Accountant (SA) Shireen is a member of both the South African Institute for Business Accountants and the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners which, added to her fifteen years’ experience in the accounting industry, results in Shireen bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the firm. To find out more about Shireen...

Chris Jooste

B Compt (Honours) Professional Accountant (SA) Chris casts the vision for MRM and the Group. He is the one looking ahead and keeping the strategy on track, keeping the services innovative and scanning the horizon for future developments. To find out more about Chris click here.here