Our History

Nearly 31 years ago a man by the name of Michael Rogers with savvy and a vision for the changing tides of the business landscape started an accountancy firm. That firm, named for its partners, has stood the test of time, climbed the corporate ladder and become a force to be reckoned within the financial services industry. Well thought out and perfectly executed business decisions, and a flexibility that sets it apart from its competitors has seen MRM grow and develop into the innovative firm it is today.

With over three decades behind us, MRM is a well-established firm. In business, however, we use both innovation and advancement in our drive to remain a market leader in the business advisory industry. At MRM we believe that the days of reactive consultancy have largely passed, and pro-action has become a critical requirement in order to remain competitive and profitable within the framework of South African business. MRM is to be a boutique of specialised professional services that analyses an organisation’s past, successfully controls its present and creates an inspirational future.

Whilst the firms face has changed frequently over the years, the cornerstones of intellectual skill, unwavering integrity, commitment to excellence and dynamic understanding of SME business, has remained embedded in our ethos. Daily attention over time to these foundations have allowed us to embed ourselves as business advisory specialists.

When you visit us in the leafy suburb of Kloof, Kwa Zulu Natal, the tranquil surrounds, and family atmosphere may well disguise the razor-sharp minds and exemplary skills which lie beneath this façade. When the above is combined with cutting-edge technology and an indomitable spirit to challenge convention you get an unbeatable product evidenced by the longevity of our client base with many businesses entering into their 3rd generation. Our multidisciplinary skillsets are applied across virtually all spheres of business and are applied to ensure our clients become all that they can be in the current treacherous world of commerce.
We are family. When good fortune smiles upon you, we celebrate alongside you. When the winds of change blow, we are there to guide you. When the storm clouds gather, we are there to fight for you.

We are all of this and so much more. We are #proudlyMRM.